All about my haircut and style

I get asked about my haircut often, and while the cut is very, very important I think the way it’s styled is really the answer people may be looking for.

The cut is simply a slightly A-line cut, meaning it’s a bit longer in the front than the back, with long layering throughout the cut. My hair is a medium thickness with naturally straight, limp texture. Coloring it blonde helps add some volume and texture, and the products I used help a lot with that as well.

I’ve been forever soft using  for over . It’s a root lifting spray that goes directly at your roots to help boost volume! Over the years I’ve used different volumizing sprays or products mid-shaft through the ends.

Likewise, I’ll use different texture sprays over time and one that I’ve truly loved the longest is forever soft. It adds a nice grit and gives definition to the hair, whether curled or straight.